Crash log.txt

If you were unhappy to hear SoTN or Flufflepuff are on hiatus you will be even more so hearing that Ask Patch is facing one too. After tomorrow’s post the blog will not be updated for some time. Hopefully just a week or two.

For those who would like to know the reason for this, here it is. As opposed to most ask blogs, this one is produced by a team. We are two artists and a moderator working on it. The team part is key to the problem here.

The goal was to produce at least one update a week, it should be an easy job for a group of three people who were passionate about it. But being the moderator I soon felt like I was the fifth wheel on the cart. Whenever the artists where busy and did not deliver on time I could not do anything about it other than asking them to find a bit of time. Asking them more often didn’t help fix the problem and soon I started f***ing up the team rather than fixing anything at all.

Big problem with doing something like this with your pals? I ended up being mad at my friends and I’m on the brink of destroying one of the friendships that have been most valuable to me.

Currently I’m burned out, one artist is lightly blocked and our head artist has been majorly ‘unavailable’ for the last two months. I thought gathering three amazing people around the blog would be key to make the blog fun, but I learned the hard way that a team is not the sum of it’s parts.

I love this blog, more than many can imagine. But the situation lately has made me grow restless and I’m starting to lose my passion for it. But it is truly crazy to continue forcing this situation.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Einstein

Instead, I will take some time off. Organize my feelings and the team and bring back the blog you love and deserve. I want to bring the original passion back, even if it means reshaping the team from the ground. Thanks for reading, and following in the first place!


———————————————END OF CRASH LOG———————————————-

TL;DR: There is a post scheduled for tomorrow that will come normally but I’m 100% positive the one for next week is cancelled. ?